Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
morning 1 9.30 - 11.00
Henrietta Parker Centre, Ray Road Molesey KT8 2LG
Charlotte Palmer
  10.00 – 11.30
Mixed Ability
Bramley Road
Cheam SM2 7LR
Sarah Donnelly
9.30 - 11.00
mixed ability
Henrietta Parker Centre, Ray Road Molesey KT8 2LG
Charlotte Palmer

10.00 – 11.30
Mixed Ability
Elmcroft Centre
North Cheam SM3 9AB
Sarah Donnelly


8.30 - 10.00
mixed ability St.Christopher's Hall
Claygate Lane, KT10 0AQ
Anna Holmes or Nicola Pritchard
8:40am – 9.55am
mixed ability
Teddington Pools & Fitness Centre Vicarage Rd TW11 8EZ
Jane Howard
morning 2 11.15 -12.45
Henrietta Parker Centre, Ray Road Molesey KT8 2LG
Charlotte Palmer
10.30 - 11.45
mixed ability
Teddington Pools & Fitness Centre Vicarage Rd TW11 8EZ
Dolores Pinto


10.30 - 11.45
mixed ability
Teddington Pools & Fitness Centre Vicarage Rd TW11 8EZ
Dolores Pinto
10.00 - 11.00
mixed ability
Better Gym
20-28 Broad St Teddington TW11 8QZ
Jane Howard


afternoon 1 12.15 - 13.30
mixed ability
Thames Ditton Centre, Mercer Cl, KT7 0BS
Sharon Kipps
15.45 - 17.00
Ulverscroft Studio, 67a Manor Road North, Hinchley Wood KT10 0AB
Judith Richards
12.30 - 14.00
General level
Ulverscroft Studio, 67a Manor Road North, Hinchley Wood KT10 0AB
Judith Richards




10.30 - 17.00
teacher training
IYYoga Studio, Tooting SW17 9SH every 3-4 weeks
Judith Richards
afternoon 2


17.30 - 19.30
Ulverscroft Studio, 67a Manor Road North, Hinchley Wood KT10 0AB
Judith Richards
14.30 - 15.45
St Christopher's Church
Claygate Lane KT10 0AQ
Judith Richards



10.30-13.30 OR 14.00-17.00
General workshops every 5-8 weeks
St. Christopher’s Hall
Claygate Lane, KT10 0AQ
Judith Richards


evening 1


19.30 - 21.00
mixed ability Long Ditton Parish Hall,
2 Ewell Road,
Jane Howard
  18.30 - 19.45
mixed ability
Thames Ditton Centre, Mercer Cl, KT7 0BS
Sharon Kipps




evening 2 18.15- 19.25
Kew Community Centre St Luke's, The Avenue TW9 2AJ
Janette Browne

19.00 - 20.30
Iyengar Yoga for beginners
Ulverscroft Studio, 67a Manor Road North, Hinchley Wood KT10 0AB
Amina Kassam-Bunce
  19.00 - 20.30
Iyengar Yoga for beginners
Ulverscroft Studio, 67a Manor Road North, Hinchley Wood KT10 0AB
Amina Kassam-Bunce

19.30 - 20.30
mixed ability
Teddington Pools & Fitness Centre Vicarage Rd TW11 8EZ
Jane Howard


19.00 - 20.30
Iyengar Yoga for beginners
67A Manor Road North
Hinchley Wood
Esher KT10 0AB
Amina Kassam-Bunce



evening 3 19.30-20.45
The Whitehouse(YMCA) The Avenue, Hampton TW12 3RN
Sharon Kipps

19.30- 21.00
Kew Community Centre St Luke's, The Avenue TW9 2AJ
Janette Browne
19.45 - 21.30
mixed ability
Hampton Pool, High St TW12 2ST
Yves Bouvy
19.30 - 21.00
mixed ability
Chessington Sports Centre, Garrison Lane KT9 2JS
Anna Holmes





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Foundation 10 week courses starting January, April and October designed for complete beginners and those who wish to refresh their basic skills.
General Mixed Ability These classes are structured to allow beginners to work alongside more experienced students. The programme and the instructions given by the tutor are planned to allow beginners to learn a new discipline in a safe and supportive environment, and for more experienced students to progress or maintain their practice.
Intermediate For students with more than 3 years regular practice who are proficient in headstand.
Supported (s) For students needing more support in their practice through illness, injury or ageing.
Restorative Resting poses and attention to breathing – for students with at least 2 years practice of Iyengar yoga
Pregnancy If you have practised yoga before and are in good health, you may join our general classes. Special pregnancy classes may be offered if numbers permit.
Teacher Training Students with at least 3 years regular practice of Iyengar Yoga with a qualified teacher may apply for teacher training.
Workshops Workshops are designed to enable the participants to go deeper into their practice and paced to allow the body to gain maximum benefit.


Fees vary according to the venue and the type of class. Please apply to the teacher of the class you wish to attend for details. Reductions are sometimes available for booking 10 or more classes.

All fees are payable to the teacher (or centre) where you are attending. Fees are non-refundable and non-transferrable.


Make sure you come a few minutes early to introduce yourself to the teacher and discuss your previous experience and any injuries or medical conditions. You can download a registration form to fill in and bring with you to your first class.

St Christopher's Church and Hall, Claygate Lane, KT10 0AQ W 13.00, 15.00, Sa 08.30
Teddington Pools and Fitness Centre, Vicarage Road, Teddington, TW11 8EZ Tu 10.30, W 19.30,  Fr 10.30, Su 08.40
Thames Ditton Centre, Mercer Close, Thames Ditton. KT7 0BS M 12.15, Th 18.30
Henrietta Parker Centre, Ray Road, Molesey KT8 2LG M 9.30, 11.15, 19.30, Tu 19.30, Th 9.30
67a Manor Road North, Hinchley Wood, KT10 0AB Tu 17.30, W 19.00,  Fr 19.00
Chessington Sports Centre, Garrison Lane, Chessington KT9 2JS W 19.30
Hampton Pool, High St, Hampton TW12 2ST Tu 19.45
Fitness First, 20-28 Broad Street, Teddington, TW11 8QZ Sa 10.00
Long Ditton Parish Hall, 2 Ewell Road, KT6 5LS Tu 19.30
Sunbury Adult Learning Centre, TW16 5DZ Tu 9.30, 11.30
Iso Barre Studio, Thames Ditton, KT7 0SD Tu 10.15
Kew Community Centre at St Luke’s, The Avenue Kew TW9 2AJ M 18.15, 19.30
OmTara Studio, Chichester House, London Rd, Kingston KT2 6NH W 20.00
Sheen Sports & Fitness, East Sheen, SW14 8AT W 12.30
Bramley Road Cheam SM2 7LR W 16.15
Elmcroft Centre, North Cheam, SM3 9AB Th 10.00
IYYogaStudio, Bickersteth Road.Tooting SW17 9SH  Su 10.30


  • Judith Richards

    Tel: 07761 078251
    Email: yogadham223@gmail.com

    Judith finds that learning yoga is a lifelong process, and brings to her teaching a wealth of knowledge and experience balanced with humour and compassion. She continues to develop her own practice and understanding of yoga and regularly attends workshops, seminars and intensive courses with the world's greatest teachers in Britain and abroad, including BKS Iyengar's parent institute in Pune, India, the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI). Judith obtained her full Senior Intermediate Certificate in 2008

  • Anna Holmes

    Tel: 07528 848474
    Email: annaholmes1@btconnect.com

    Life is about keeping a balance. Yoga is one of the things I enjoy and it is increasingly central to my life. I came across Iyengar yoga classes more than twenty years ago, after experiencing different yoga approaches, and I have studied with Iyengar teachers wherever I have lived in the UK from that time: Newcastle, Lincoln, Cardiff, Bristol and now in London with Judith. After a lifetime involvement with dance and dance teaching I came to yoga teaching quite late – qualifying in 2008. Like many people I spend too many hours working behind a computer each day, and I need my daily yoga practice to counteract this inactivity. Yoga is a part of my life and if gives me pleasure to share my knowledge and enthusiasm with others.

  • Dolores Pinto

    Email: dpinto@uk2.net

    I qualified to teach Iyengar yoga in 1992 after working in the health and fitness industry for some years. I have found yoga to be a valuable tool for change in my life and feel that the skills and experience I have gained will enable me to motivate others to enjoy the physical, emotional and psychological benefits that this ancient discipline can provide.

  • Jane Howard

    Tel: 07768 023213
    Email: janehoward111@hotmail.com

    I passed my Iyengar teacher training in 2002 and have enjoyed teaching ever since. I currently teach 4 regular weekly classes, to which beginners and more experienced practioners are equally welcome. Yoga has something to offer to everybody and for every stage of life, and my classes provide an opportunity to experience the physical and mental benefits that yoga can bring.

  • Janette Browne

    Website: http://www.yogaloka.com

    Email: janette22@tiscali.co.uk

    Janette Browne has practised different forms of yoga for over 28 years. She initially qualified as an exercise to music teacher but found that Yoga was her true path. After many years of searching for a teacher she discovered Iyengar Yoga in London in 1987. Janette was lucky enough to attend classes with Silva, Mira and Shyam Mehta, the family that set up the first Iyengar Yoga institute in the UK, also the authors of 'Yoga, The Iyengar Way' Since then she has been a total convert to this method. Janette is now an Iyengar Certificated and Insured teacher to Intermediate level and is offering classes in Southwest London and Surrey. Her presentation skills and a sense of fun make her classes very accessible to those wishing to reduce stress, improve their general health and gain an overall feeling of well being.

  • Sharon Kipps

    Tel: 07530 135738
    Email: yogakipps@gmail.com

    Join me for an Iyengar yoga practice that will bring healing to the body and a positive attitude to the mind. I have practised Iyengar yoga for three decades and have been teaching in Surrey for the past ten years. Classes are suitable for all levels, my aim to encourage and maintain freedom of natural movement and to develop a quiet mind and bring balance to all aspects of daily life.

  • Charlotte Palmer

    Email: lottebythesea@yahoo.co.uk

    In my 20's when friends asked why I loved and practiced yoga my answer was twofold. Firstly that I had found a philosophy in which my own understanding of life fitted perfectly and secondly that I wanted to grow old gracefully. At 22 this seemed strange to others now at 44 with two young children, the benefits of the practice are invaluable. I love sharing my experience and have been teaching classes since 1996, over these years I have studied with many different teachers and hold Introductory I &II, and J Intermediate level I teaching certificates.

  • Sarah Donnelly

    Email: sarah@tealyoga.co.uk

    My yoga practice began in earnest in 2002 and I completed my teacher training in October 2013. I continue to develop my own practice by regularly attending classes and workshops with senior teachers. Yoga is an important part of my life and helps me make the most of every day by keeping fit, healthy and happy. Now I have qualified to teach it gives me great pleasure to think that I have been given the chance to help others to do the same

  • Amina Kassam-Bunce

    Tel: 07787 985215
    Email: info@aminadesigns.co.uk

    Yoga found me about 6 years ago It has given me a new lease of life. Yoga inspires me to become healthier, mentally and physically, to be fully present with my life as it unfolds.

    I did the teacher training course, because immediately could feel the benefits and wanted to help others feel the same about themselves.

    I qualified as a teacher this year 2016. I hope to give back some of these qualities to help improve peoples lives around me, in the emotional well being and physical aspect that yoga can bring... passing on this ancient art form.

  • Nicola Pritchard

    Email: nicolacpritchard@googlemail.com

    Nicola began practicing yoga in 2001 and became instantly hooked after noticing the difference it made to her both physically and mentally. Inspired to teach, Nicola completed her two-year Iyengar Yoga teaching certificate in 2010. She feels privileged to have studied with many senior Iyengar yoga teachers both in UK/Europe and in India, including members of the Iyengar family, and continues to attend classes and workshops to further develop her own practise and understanding.

    Nicola is passionate about the benefits of practising yoga to enhance health and wellbeing, and balance the demands of a busy work and family life. She loves sharing her knowledge and enthusiasm for Iyengar yoga with her students. Nicola also enjoys working with local charities, schools and workplaces to encourage improvements in stress management, mental and physical health though the practice of yoga.


WORKSHOPS with Judith Richards at ST CHRISTOHER’S HALL 2017

Saturday General Workshop – November 4th 11.30am – 2.30pm – £35
Saturday General Workshop – December 9th 1.30pm – 4.30pm – £35
Discover greater depth and joy in your practice!

Saturday Christmas Special 16th December 9am to 11am

Class 9.00 to 10.30; refreshments from 10.30.
Come and meet your fellow yogis and enjoy a seasonal practice and get-together!

Christmas holiday class

Wednesday 27th December 12.30- 2.00pm
Come and stretch away the festive food!


Saturday General Workshop January 13th 11.30am – 2.30pm

Classes in St Christopher’s Church

Next 12-week beginners’ course January 10th to March 28th
Wednesdays 2.30pm to 3.45pm

Future dates:

Sunday 15th October 11am to 3.30pm
IYYoga Studio, Bickersteth Road, Tooting SW17 9SH
Contact Judith for further information

Saturday 2nd December 1.30 to 4.30 (tbc)
Intermediate level WORKSHOP with Judith Richards
IYYoga Studio, Bickersteth Road, Tooting SW17 9SH

visit www.iyengaryoga.org.uk or www.swlsiyi.org.uk


Yoga is an ancient discipline which promotes mental and physical health and well being. You will learn movements to discover strength, suppleness and poise and to become at ease with your body and yourself. No special abilities are needed to start; many minor tensions, aches and pains will disappear.

The practice of Yoga has been around for about 6,000 years in India. The word 'Yoga' means union. It has the same root as the English word, yoke. The union referred to is the union of one's true self with the universal - in modern language - "to be at one with the world".

Iyengar Yoga

Iyengar yoga is the method of practising yoga developed by Mr BKS Iyengar. It is charactarised by precision and attention to detail. All aspects of yoga are incorporated into the way postures are performed, so that the student comes to his or her practice from a life of treating themselves and others well; in the correct alignment of each pose the natural breathing is enhanced and the student can become absorbed in the action so that a quiet, meditative state of mind is achieved. As in music, the richness, subtlety and depth of understanding which is possible in the study of Iyengar Yoga reveals itself through years of practice.

Yoga as therapy

There is a long tradition in India of using yoga to cure or alleviate illness or injury. The body can be supported in positions which improve blood supply to organs, enhance the actions of nerves and glands, and put bones in the optimum position for healing. If you are unwell or in pain, don’t stop coming, but ask your teacher how to modify your practice to enhance your recovery.

BKS Iyengar 1918 -2014

BKS IyengarBKS Iyengar was born in India in 1918. Today his method is the most widely practised in the world. More that fifty countries have national Iyengar Yoga Associations to teach and promote his method and maintain his rigorous standards. IY(UK) is the oldest association in the world and has over a thousand teachers.

BKS Iyengar developed in himself an unsurpassed ability to observe the fine changes that are brought about by movements and the subtle mental and physical effects of each pose and each adjustment in each pose. He showed that the mental and spiritual effects which are the fruits of yoga can be attained by attending to the body and its actions.

Certified teachers of Iyengar yoga are required to maintain contact with Iyengar’s institute in Pune, Maharashtra, India, named after his late wife – the Ramamani Iyengar Memorial Yoga Institute (RIMYI) – and his senior teachers. They have an understanding of the body and posture work which is unequalled in other schools. All the teachers at Yogadham are fully qualified and certificated teachers of Iyengar Yoga.


Follow these links for more information about Yoga and the Iyengar method.

Teacher training

When, in the early 1970s, the phrase ‘Iyengar Yoga’ started to be used, Mr. Iyengar said, “If you are going to use my name, you must use my method”.

Since then in UK, first the BKS Iyengar Yoga Teachers Association and now Iyengar Yoga (UK) Ltd (www.iyengaryoga.org.uk) have made sure that all teachers trained in Mr Iyengar’s name are true to his method. Teachers holding an Iyengar Yoga teaching certificate are licensed to use the Iyengar name.

If you are interested in training to teach yoga in the Iyengar method, you will need to have been attending classes regularly with a fully trained and licensed Iyengar Yoga teacher for a minimum of three years. Download Training to Teach’ from IY(UK).

The Course

From 2018, the course will take place over 3 years with a minimum of 210 hours’ tuition. Start dates are to be confirmed. As well as attending the training sessions, trainees need to have an established daily practice, attend classes with a trainer as well as their regular teacher and, later in the course, practise teaching in a class. There are also written assignments. Trainees need to be members of IY(UK).

Teacher Training with Judith Richards and Barbara Norvell

Training days are held at IYYoga, 89 Bickersteth Road, Tooting, SW17 9SH

Students will train to become proficient in the practice and teaching of about 75 poses on the Introductory syllabus including:

  • observation
  • adjustment and correction
  • safety
  • basic anatomy and physiology
  • lesson planning
  • use of appropriate yoga props
  • basic yoga philosophy
  • written and practical assignments
  • presentation skills
  • discussion about working with adults
  • starting up a yoga class
  • working with specific conditions e.g. menstruation, pregnancy, back ache, etc.

Sundays 10.30am to 5.00pm every 3-5 weeks. Proposed dates for 2017 are:

  • Spring 2018
    January 14th
    February 4th
    February 25th
    March 25th

  • Summer 2018
    April 29rd
    May 20st
    June 17th
    July 16th

  • Autumn 2018
    September 9th
    October 14th
    November 11th
    December 9th

Teacher training fees

The fees for the course will be £798 per annum until December 2017. These may be paid in a maximum of 3 installments of £266, annually. The first payment is due by the first session in January and is non refundable. The subsequent payments will be due by the first session in January, May and September each year of the course.

BACS payments to J RICHARDS T/A YOGADHAM 089299 69141353

Please note that the first six months of the course will be considered as a probationary period. Should it be agreed that the student is not yet ready to complete their training, a partial refund is offered.

Write to Judith at yogadham223@gmail.com or 07761 078251 for further details.